What's In Store for You in Pattaya City?
Pattaya City is about an hour's drive away from the Bangkok International Airport and is a favorite weekend escapade for the Thai capital's residents and tourists . This beautiful place is home to various tropical beaches, family-oriented activities, smart shopping and lots of four-star quality yet cheap accommodations. Click the link for What to do in Pattaya

If you're a foodie by heart, you will find Pattaya's dining options bountiful and affordable. Gourmet Thai cuisine is served all throughout the coastal city. Depending on your taste, you can sink your teeth into authentic Thai dishes or a fusion of Thai and German, Mexican, Indian, Russian or Korean recipes. A lot of the gourmet restaurants are located at the center of the city, while the resorts offer superior quality meals.

Among the most popular activities along the seaside city of Pattaya include parasailing and deep sea fishing, elephant riding, beach tai chi and strolling around tropical gardens. The area is bursting with adventure, whether guided or not. Pattaya is famous for its diving options and is actually one of the oldest scuba diving hotspots across Asia. All year round is diving season in Pattaya because the water temperature is always right for this activity.

For a more tamed escapade, you can behold the gorgeous sunsets happening along the city's outskirts, or indulge in your favorite spa treatment. There re also horseback riding stables, such as the Horseshoe Point Riding Academy, for both young and old to enjoy. As well, you will find a polo club down the edge of the beach city, a place frequented by Thai royals.

If you want to spread beyond Pattaya's borders, you have plenty of choices as well, such as area temples, the Elephant Village or the Sri Racha Tiger Zoo. Motor coach buses usually pick up tourists at hotels and bring them to multiple destinations. You can also explore  Pattaya at night

Shopping in Pattaya provides a distinct experience, including trips to boutiques and tiny open air markets where you find everything, from gemstones to silk garments and more. Unique handicrafts, souvenirs and paintings are also sold in this place.

Finally, as the sun sets in Pattaya, the nightlife rises with the moon. This once simple fishing village has gained a reputation for being the naughtiest city in the entire globe, with all kinds of entertainment for meek and wild. Nightlife in North Pattaya, however, is much quieter. For a splendid spectacle of Thai people and culture, you can take a walk down the Pattaya Bay Promenade in the after hours. Learn more about the city here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pattaya